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“Orthodoxy and Communism in Bulgaria : 1944-1960”

Православието и комунизмът в България: 1944-1960 г.

Author: Stefan Chureshki
Publisher: Prosveta
Pages: 192
Soft cover
Date: 05-12-2004
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This Book is dedicated to the struggles of the Christian consciousness with the historical materialism, preached by the communists, which governs the intellectual and emotional state of the Bulgarians for more than 50 years. Here are being published for the first time some data from the archives of the Bulgarian Communist Party and the Ministry of Internal Affairs as well as eyewitness accounts of the horrific events during the forties and fifties of the twentieth century.

The central questions examined in the book are:

  • Is the Bulgarian Holocaust an ideological mistake or genocide, retribution or “revolutionary frenzy”?
  • Are we acquaint with, aware of and accepting the cause of the victims of the People’s Trial and their antagonists – the Marxists?
  • Is there a possibility for personal forgiveness and historical mercy towards the heroes of this age?

The answers are hard to be given – truth cannot be inconclusive…

Stefan Chureshki has a M.A. in History from Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”. He works at the Department of Ancient and Medieval History, works as a teacher, historian and a freelance journalist. He authored scientific articles and books on the problems of the philosophy of Bulgarian history from a non-Marxist point of view, Bulgarian faith and beliefs and others. Mr. Chureshki co-authored and is a regular participant in audio and video documentaries dealing with the role of the Bulgarian Orthodox Church in the modern world.

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PROSVETA Publishing House
Sofia 1618, Ovcha Kupel
2, Zemedelska Street (the intersection with Lyblyana Street)

tel./fax: (3592) 81 82 019



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