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A Concise Biography of
Stefan Yordanov Chureshki

Stefan Chureshki was born on September 30th 1966 in Sofia (the capital of Bulgaria). He received his secondary education from “Ninth French Language School” in Sofia. In 1993 he graduated from Sofia University’s Department of History. Immediately after the defense of his thesis in 1993 he began working as a specialist at the Department of Ancient History and Thracian Studies, which he left in 1994. Since then Stefan Chureshki has worked as a history teacher in elite Bulgarian private and public (government-funded) schools.

Stefan Chureshki authored more than 90 articles, essays, reviews and white papers, some of them in foreign languages (i.e. other than Bu and white papers, some of them in foreign languages (i.e. other than Bulgarian). His articles were published in the prestigious historical magazine “Minalo” (Past), the newspapers “Kambana” (Bell), "Capital", "Korona” (Crown), “Kultura” (Culture), “Literaturen Forum” (Literary Forum), “Macedonia” et al.

Mr. Chureshki has attended a large number of Bulgarian and international conferences, various seminars with Bulgarian and international participants and co-authored several open lectures in eastern orthodox theology (religious instruction) and culture.

Some of Mr. Chureshki’s works include “The Roman Catholic Propaganda and the Bulgarian History”, “The Historical Logic in the Philosophy of the Bulgarian History” and others.

Stefan Chureshki’s most significant works are his monographs: “The Errors, Inaccuracies and Fallacies in History Textbooks”, “Christianity and History”, and his most recent endeavor – “Orthodoxy and Communism in Bulgaria 1944-1960” (or “Eastern Orthodox Christianity and Communism in Bulgaria 1944-1960”) published by Prosveta.

Contact the webmaster at the following email: chureshki@gmail.com